Setsu’s striking form - a beautiful synthesis of modern design and Japanese sensibility - reserves its place as Niseko’s finest residence.

Creating a new resort goes beyond architecture and design. For us, it is about meditating the sense of space to create a dwelling we and those who inhabit it, can identify with and be proud of.

It was important that the resort’s identity be rooted in deep respect and understanding of its spectacular natural environment.

From this emerged our vision to create architecture and luxurious living experiences that encapsulate the purity and understated elegance of the Japanese spirit.

Our inspiration
Setsu Getsu Ka

The name we chose, Setsu Niseko (雪ニセコ), is inspired by the phrase 雪月花 ‘Setsu Getsu Ka’; meaning ‘Snow Moon Flower’ and is from a poem by the famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi. Popular throughout China and Japan, the poem celebrates the importance of nature’s beauty in our lives as a backdrop for cherished moments with loved ones.

It reads:

“I remember you especially when
  snow, the moon or flowers are beautiful.”

We believe the phrase Setsu Getsu Ka embodies the beauty of art and design in Japan and perfectly captures the charm and natural beauty of Niseko’s four seasons — the pristine snow in winter, the warm embrace of the autumn moon, the vibrancy of cherry blossoms blooming each spring, and the vivacity of summer months when the land is carpeted in green.

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