Spring is here and construction is underway

Spring is here and
construction is underway

Monday 1st April, 2019

Spring is in the air and after months of preparation throughout the long winter months, we are looking forward to the start of construction of Setsu Niseko in just a couple of weeks.

With such a breathtaking location, at Setsu Niseko it was incredibly important that the luxurious living spaces reflect the purity and elegant beauty of Japanese design and architecture. To realise this vision, we are working in a partnership of creative exchange with a talented team of designers, architecture and engineers from both Singapore and Japan, who share our constant pursuit of original thought and design excellence.

Lead architect for the project is internationally acclaimed architect Mok Wei Wei from ‘W Architect’ in Singapore. Recipient of the Presidents Design Award, Wei Wei has worked on a number of SC Global’s projects and has an in-depth understanding of SC Global’s hallmark design principles and quality standards. Working alongside Wei Wei and his team, boutique Interior Design firm ‘Field Four’ will ensure the spirt and purity that encapsulate ‘Setsu Getsu Ka’ and our inspiration for the project is brought to life throughout the interior spaces.

We believe in providing our partners an environment to explore original design concepts and techniques, whilst ensuring the spirt of craftsmanship and attention to detail is rooted within every level of construction. To accomplish these values we have appointed ‘Iwata Chizaki’ as general contractor for Setsu Niseko and ‘Kume Sekkei’ to oversee the architectural compliance and development. Both are regarded as powerhouses of excellence within the field of architecture, engineering and construction with over 90 years of experience delivering a wide range of acclaimed and prestigious projects across the globe from luxury hotels to sporting stadiums, public art and recreation facilities to dams and bridges.

With a reputation for construction excellence ‘Iwata Chizaki’ is the foremost civil and building contractor in Hokkaido and has an impressive portfolio including the New Chitose Airport Terminal, Bunkyo Civic Centre in Tokyo, Sapporo Music Hall “Kitara” and the München Ohashi Bridge. They have also established a strong presence in Niseko and have completed prominent projects including Skye Niseko, Aya and Ki Niseko.

With work on construction sites prohibited during the long winter months, construction of Setsu Niseko is scheduled to begin in April 2019 with completion of the resort slated for December 2021.