Ground Breaking Ceremony at Setsu Niseko

Ground Breaking Ceremony
at Setsu Niseko

Wednesday 1st May, 2019

The sun was shining as we performed the traditional Japanese ritual known as jichinsai (地鎮祭) — a customary Shinto ground breaking ceremony which bestows harmony and balance to construction projects. It was special day as we joined together with our team of partners to celebrate the start of construction and take part in this auspicious custom. Key members of the local community and project development team joined together to bestow their blessings and respects for a safe and smooth completion of the project ahead. The ceremony was centred around a sacred place on the construction site marked by 4 bamboo poles and filled with mountain and sea offerings. During the ceremony, a Shinto master (Kannushi) bestowed blessings on the land and the project team, whilst key members of the team came forward to pay their respects with sacred Sakkai branches.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the official ground breaking ritual, where senior management of SC Global, Kume Sekkei and Iwata Chizaki ceremoniously broke the ground. Haruo Uchimaya, General Manager of Kume Sekkei Co. Ltd Sapporo Branch was the first to take part as he symbolically cut the grass off the mountain with a sickle. Mr Simon Cheong, Founder and Chairman of SC Global Developments was next as he symbolically removed the rocks from the ground with a hoe, with Masayuki Anda, Director, Senior Executive Vice President of Iwata Chizaki Inc.digging the ground with a spade thereafter. Other key representatives participating in the ceremony included Satoshi Yoshida, Chairman of Kutchan Tourism Association, Koichiro Ishiguro, President of ISA Architects Inc and Site Manager Masahisa Himoto who represented his construction team. As expected with any respectable celebration, everyone present had a small toast of sake to toast the proceedings and honour the great partnerships forged.